On This Day: 10 October 1701

On this day in 1701, Robert Lessly wrote to Thomas Bowrey from Gombroon (Bandar, Shiraz, Iran).

Despite his many failings, Lessly’s letter highlights one of the positive aspects of Bowrey’s life. More usually known as Robin Lesly, Robert was the son of Robert Masfen’s sister, Philadelphia. She had two sons and a daughter and the poor children were shunted between India and relatives in England after the their widowed mother married Charles Sherer. The children may have been born in India. They certainly do not appear to have been very welcome by their relatives at home passing between their grandmother and aunt who both quibbled about the money sent for their upkeep by Sherer.

Bowrey and his wife had no children of their own and this may have been why he took an interest in the sons of his friends and relatives. Throughout the Lesly siblings’ time in England, Bowrey kept a paternal eye on them on behalf of their mother and uncle. Today’s letter is one of a number in which Robin expresses his gratitude to Bowrey in addition to updating him on the current state of the East Indies Trade.

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