On This Day: 11 October 1704

On this day in 1704, Thomas Bowrey paid Humphrey Richards £1/10/0.

A few days ago, I posted about the clothes Bowrey purchased for Studds’ voyage on the Mary Galley. Today’s receipt was for teaching Thomas Studds navigation and arithmetic – another stage in his preparation for a seafaring life.

There is evidence in the correspondence between Bowrey and Joseph Tolson, the master of the Mary Galley, that Bowrey and Studds had a close relationship. Bowrey sent his love to his cousin in his otherwise business-like letters to Tolson and Tolson enclosed letters from Studds to his mother in his letters to Bowrey.

Further still, Bowrey specifically mentioned Studds in his instructions about the voyage given to Tolson. He entrusted Studds to the care of Tolson, said that Mr Dungey should be his mathematics master on board and that he should be allowed on shore at all their stops in India to enable him to learn all aspects of the business.

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