On This Day: 14 October 1683

On this day in 1683, Thomas Bowrey was at Hugli in Bengal on the ketch Adventure. He was in partnership with Henry Alford and James Wheeler as well as carrying goods for Nathaniel Gyfford. The Adventure was the first ship owned, in part, by Bowrey.

Wheeler was governor of the East India Company at Pettipolee aged on 27 but had a quarter share in the Adventure. He was to resign from the Company in 1685 but remained in India. He died aged only 37 in 1693, having been accidentally poisoned by his surgeon.

Alford was also employed by the Company but was a warehouseman who had only been in India for fifteen months and this was the first time he had traded on his own account. Alford’s business partnership with Bowrey was to last for a number of years after Bowrey had returned to England.

There is nothing else about Gyfford in Bowrey’s Papers but it was a common surname in East India Company circles at the time.

The ketch had been built to the partner’s orders by Sancho Narsa at Madapollam about 390 miles from Fort St George (Madras). Bowrey was to have further dealings with Narsa in the future.

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