On This Day: 22 October 1706

On this day in 1706, Thomas Bowrey paid his half-year’s rent for the Kings Head Inn, Southwark to Peter Briggins.

Briggins was a prominent Quaker who kept a diary in which he recorded details of the Friends’ Meetings he attended and brief notes of his other business. Richard Carnac Temple concluded that Briggins recorded meetings with Bowrey were proof that the pair were friends or, at least, close associates. Strangely for someone who carefully matched manuscripts in Bowrey’s Papers with records of the East India Company, Temple did not marry Briggins’ diary entries with receipts for rent in the Papers. Doing this shows that the pair met every six months in order for Briggins to collect the rent the inn. Not only that but, at times, Briggins spent some days trying to find Bowrey when the rent was due. Unfortunately, there is no evidence as to whether Bowrey was evading Briggins or just busy with other business.

Unfortunately, a second volume of Briggins’ diary is now missing, This misinterpretation by Temple. makes it difficult to trust his interpretation about the diary entries relating to the final days of Bowrey’s life. This a source of huge frustration for me and if anyone knows the present location of the second volume of Briggins diary including the year 1713 or a copy or transcript of this volume, I should love to know.

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