On This Day: 24 October 1712

On this day in 1712, the other owners and freighters of the Worcester assigned their power of attorney to Thomas Bowrey giving him the authority to collect the balance of the value of the ship due to them. This is one of the last dated documents concerning the Worcester during Bowrey’s lifetime.

Dated less than five months before his death, Bowrey appears never to have given up hope of receiving full compensation for the loss of the ship. Perhaps, by signing over their authority, the other owners had given up and Bowrey was the only one still hopeful.

Is it possible that this document also indicates that Bowrey was in good health and capable of continuing the fight? I am looking for all the clues I can find for the state of his health and why he died at the relatively young age of 53 despite proving he had a strong constitution having survived 19 years in the East Indies. Bowrey had regular bouts of ill-health ever since he returned to England but, when he signed his Will almost exactly one year before he died, was at this present in health of Body.

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