On This Day: 29 October 1703

On this day in 1703, Thomas Bowrey visited Thomas Phipps, his hatter, at the sign of Adam and Eve, Puddle Dock.

Puddle Dock was on the north bank of the Thames close to where Blackfriars Bridge now stands. If you check John Rocque’s 1746 map of London, Puddle Dock is sandwiched between Coalman’s Alley and the delightful Dung Wharf. So, perhaps the sign of Adam and Eve was in a more salubrious area a little to the north on Puddle Dock Hill, maybe close to Shoemaker’s Row.

In this case, Bowrey appears to have been purchasing hats for the cargo of the Rising Sun rather for himself. No man, however fashionable, needed 74 new hats. The order was completed with 4 hat boxes and 6 brushes.

For some reason, Bowrey annotated a corner of the bill with: Of Captain Bourn 10 whole cases of spirits, 10 gallons black cherry brandy and 10 gallons of English brandy. Perhaps he visited Bourn’s on the way home from Puddle Dock and noted his spirits order on the only piece of paper that came to hand.

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