On This Day: 3 November 1698

On this day in 1698, James Penny was bound apprentice to Captain Thomas Wyburgh. Penny was the son of James Penny (deceased) the late minister of Great Budworth in Cheshire. Wyburgh was a mariner of Aldgate and, later, master of the Rising Sun. The reverse of the form was endorse to show that the document was enrolled at Trinity House.

I have studied many of these apprenticeship forms over the years. They are a great genealogical source at the London Metropolitan Archives and are now available on line. This document, however, is unusual. I do not think that I have seen one for a mariner before. Those at the LMA are those for the City of London livery companies having been deposited when the apprentice had served his time and applied for his freedom of the livery company and the City of London. This one has ended up in the Papers of Thomas Bowrey.

More unusual, though, is that this apprenticeship binding was signed by James Penny and enrolled at Trinity House on 3 November 1703, five years after his seven year apprenticeship started. It stipulated that Penny’s parents were to fitt him out with Apparrell which would seem to be a little superfluous if the binding was being formalised in retrospect for purely administrative reasons.


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