On This Day: 6 November 1702

On this day in 1702, Thomas Bowrey wrote to Wilkinson and Morrough on board the Resolution at Mocha. He was taking the opportunity of the imminent departure of the Alexander Galley from London to send a letter to them. Wilkinson and Morrough were merchants and probably acting as supercargos on the Resolution in which Bowrey had invested.

He wanted the pair to send him the range of prices of a long list of items – from porcelain tea ware to copper and steel – at Mocha and any other place they stopped. He requested a reply by the Alexander Galley as well as via Ground [overland] to any other port with good shipping home. The urgency suggests that Bowrey wanted the information so that he could write instructions for the voyages he was currently preparing. He appears to have received similar intelligence since the Alexander Galley departed from London because he requested Wilkinson and Morrough to purchase Elephants Teeth in addition to his original orders.

In return, he sent the pair news from home telling them our grand Expedicion to Cadiz has proved ineffectuall. A few months earlier the Anglo-Dutch fleet had attempted to seize the port in the Battle of Cadiz during the War of Spanish Succession. As an important port  for the Spanish sailing to the Americas, this was an attempt to disrupt their trade.



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