On This Day: 14 November 1705

On this day in 1705, Thomas Wybergh wrote to Thomas Bowrey from the Rising Sun in the Downs in the English Chanel. Bowrey helpfully noted on the reverse that the letter was received in Well Close Square, Wapping on the following day and that he replied to Wybergh on the 16th.

Wybergh started by writing: I do not doubt but you have thought long to hear from me having spent so much time before arriving here. Their return voyage had been delayed by bad weather. The outward voyage has been delayed by the Great Storm of 1703.  Wybergh does not mention if he was aware of the execution of his fellow captain, Thomas Green of the Worcester, but Bowrey was known to be concerned about his ships on their return voyages after this event and he would, indeed, have been glad to hear from Wybergh.

Wybergh says little more in his letter because the river pilot was still on board. Bowrey would have to wait a little longer for news of how successful, or not, the voyage had been. At least he knew the ship was safe. Success in the East was meaningless if everything was later lost.


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