On This Day: 26 November 1695

On this day in 1695, Thomas Bowrey delivered a silver bowl with cover and a letter of credit for five hundred dollars (addressed to William Hodges and Company at Cadiz) to Allen Catchpoole.

Catchpoole was to sell the bowl and use the proceeds plus the dollars to purchase lead in Borneo. Bowrey wished the lead sold in Bengal so that a specific list of textiles and clothing could be purchased on his behalf. The list was so specific that I believe that they were for personal use by Bowrey and his wife, Mary.

Bowrey requested a fine set of calico curtains and valence for a bed worked with coloured silks and lined with the best striped muslin. The order also included a quilt, two small pillows and six cushions to match the bed set. The final two items on the list were a similarly wrought petticoat and the finest white-striped neck cloth.

Any surplus funds were to be invested in striped muslin to be sold in England. This was the incentive for Catchpoole to negotiate the best price for Bowrey’s order because the two were to share the profit made on this sale.


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