On This Day: 4 December 1704 & 1706

On this day in 1704, Thomas Bowrey sold two bales of East Indies cloth through Jacob Larwood in Amsterdam. These bales were probably from the Resolution or the Alexander Galley. Both ships had recently returned to London.

On this day in 1706, Thomas Bowrey sold a range of textiles by candle from the Rising Sun at the Marine Coffee House in Birchin Lane, London. Sale by candle is a form of timed auction.

Through his many contacts, Bowrey constantly checked prices goods were sold at in the east and back home. We can be certain that he sold these goods by different methods and in different cities because he believed that was how to obtain the best price with the lowest costs.

There were warehousing charges and commission on the sale by candle. To sell in Amsterdam there were more costs including transport costs including boat hire from Gouda, customs duties and brokerage on the sale. The decisions where and how to sell were complex. The date of return of any ship was never certain. Bowrey had to call upon all his experience each time a ship did return.


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