On This Day: 12 December 1682

On this day in 1682, Thomas Bowrey sold a quarter share in the Adventure to James Wheeler for 92 pagodas 13 farams (worth about £5,400 today). Wheeler already owned a share (of unknown size) in the ketch so this was simply a readjustment.

The Adventure had a burden of just 20 tons and was small even for a ketch that would usually be between 100 and 250 tons. In view of its size, whether it had the usual 2 masts is questionable. However, the advantage was that the ketch was small enough to navigate the ports and rivers described in Bowrey’s Bay of Bengal.

James Wheeler, at this time, was governor of the East India Company’s factory at Pettipolee. He was to resign in 1685 but remained in India. He had married Tryphona, daughter of Ralph Ord, at Fort St George in 1681. Tryphona was one of the bridesmaids at the marriage of the son of Elihu Yale the previous year. When Wheeler died in 1693, having been accidentally poisoned by his surgeon aged only thirty-seven, he was described as a merchant and councilor of Fort St George.

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