On This Day: 24 December 1705

On this day in 1705, Alexander Hammond swore his affidavit before Sir John Houblon, the Lord Mayor of London. By this time, five other affidavits concerning the ship Worcester had been sworn before Houblon and he must have become very familiar with the story but few statements were as clear as Hammond’s.

He said that he was a London mariner who had joined Captain Thomas Green’s crew as a midshipman in 1701. The Worcester had sailed for Delagoa, then Chejango, Quilon, Calequilon, Cochin and Calcutta on the Malabar coast of India before voyaging to Bengal. From Bengal, the ship returned to Leith Road in Scotland. Whilst in India, all or most of the outward cargo had been sold for a very Considerable Profit. Goods were purchased with the proceeds and traded locally for very great Profitt.

Hammond knew these details because he had acted as assistant supercargo whilst on board and replaced Robert Callant after he fell sick and died. As he was not one of the crew imprisoned in Edinburgh, Hammond presumably left the ship before, or shortly after, she was seized.


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