On This Day: 2 February 1702

On this day in 1702 John Madder, the chief mate of the Worcester,  wrote to Captain Thomas Bowrey with a list of the ship’s crew. He lists thirty-four men headed by himself. He does not list Captain Thomas Green but he does include the two (unnamed) harpooners who had been employed to allow for whaling to be undertaken off the east coast of Africa. The one passenger, Thomas Linstead, is named but not included in the count.

Included in the count was the supercargo and his assistant, the purser, the doctor and his mate, the cook, the carpenter and his mate, the cooper, and the steward. There were also two boys (the captain’s and the boatswain’s), the captain’s servant described as a lusty lad plus a lusty country fellow. It can also be assumed that the two midshipmen were in their teens. If we include the captain, there were only seventeen experienced  adult mariners on board.

Despite what would appear to be a minimum of experienced crew, Madder said that he was very satisfied with everything on board.




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