On This Day: 5 February 1702

On this day in 1702, the flurry of correspondence between Bowrey and the senior crew on the Worcester continued with a letter from John Madder who was keen to pass on some good news. No doubt hoping to get Bowrey off their backs for a while.

His news was that they escaped the storm with no damage. Bowrey had lain awake at his home in Wapping during the night of the 3rd listening to the storm outside and worrying about his ship. The next morning he had dashed off a letter to Robert Callant, his supercargo on board, asking for reassurance. Callant, although not yet on board (and, thus, not yet having received Bowrey’s letter), had a clearer understanding of Bowrey’s likely concerns and had already written to say that although several ships were missing, the Worcester was safe.

Madder was not helping to ingratiate himself with employer by not bothering to write until the following day. The captain, Thomas Green, did not bother to contact Bowrey at all.

The news was not that good. The bad weather continued, delaying the Worcester‘s departure for some time yet.

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