Book of the Day …

Recently a number of the Facebook Groups and Blogs to which I subscribe have been posting lists of books of London and this has set me thinking. I have collected London books for some years until recently the lack of elastic walls has caused me to slow down. Despite this, I love reading the book recommendations of others. It is affirming to see a book I love recommended. It tests my resolve to stop adding more books to my collection when a read a recommendation for a book that is new to me.

It occurred to me that I could post such a list but that would just be copying someone else’s idea and I pondered about what I should do that was similar but different and appropriate for the subject of this blog.

I have been reading constantly since I started writing the biography of Thomas Bowrey and so many those books have been invaluable for many reasons. Some have provided much needed background – at the I was totally ignorant of maritime matters. Others have provided colour to Thomas’ story. To these, I should add the books into which I have dipped for just a little details, a small fact there.

After committing myself to posting daily for a year, I am not prepared to do that again so soon but I will, after today, post a book of the day at intervals. Hopefully, more frequently that once a week.

Keep following.


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