Major Milestone

I am taking a short break from my Book Of The Day series to note having met a major milestone in writing Thomas Bowrey’s biography – I have completed the first cut of the complete book. There is some way to go, but I consider this an achievement. It has answered the questions I had from the start: could I do it and was there sufficient of the necessary material to do it? I now know I can and there is.

In preparation for starting the rewrite, I have started making a note of all the material I need to ensure is covered. Some of this is to be found in my On This Day series but it also includes notes I have been collecting over the years when I have discovered something at the wrong time. My rewrite needs to incorporate much of this material alongside improving what I have already written. I need to be selective. I have learned so much since I started writing. There is so much I need to change.

There is, as well, a little more research I have to carry out to be able to fill in a few gaps. I am no longer speaking of speculative research. That does have to stop but I do need to check a few details from known reference sources at the British Library. I hope to be able to do this by the end of May.

Along the way, I must also ensure that the end notes, gazetteer, glossary, bibliography and index entries are complete. So, it is not going to be a quick job and there is not going to be much to report on here but I will be beavering away in the background nevertheless.

I am really excited about this next phrase. Wish me luck!

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