Interlude: Bookbinding Masterclass


At the weekend, I attended a Bookbinding Masterclass at the British Library lead by Shelagh McCarthy. I returned to find that real life has caught up with me with such mundane issues to sort out as our fixed rate energy tariff ending soon. As a result, I have taken my eye off the ball that is Captain Thomas Bowrey for a short while. I will get back to my featured book series shortly.

The Masterclass far exceeded my expectations and I find that I love bookbinding. Since my return, my focus has been on tracking down the equipment and materials I need to continue making books at home. Over the next week or so, I shall be distracted by the arrival of my orders. I know that, once it has all arrived, I shall be side-lined into preparing a short biography of one of my ancestors to make into a book.

Rest assured that I will not desert Thomas for long and be patient. The photograph at the top of this post shows the five books I made: a lilac codex-style pamphlet book; an accordion book with patterned cover; a red Japanese Stab-style Stitched book; a blue Coptic codex; and a claret case binding. I leave you with a close-up of the final book we made, the case binding. I think you will agree that it looks like a “proper” book.

SUETABLET2 - WIN_20180516_082216


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