Book of the Day: A Dictionary of Medical & related Terms

Medical Cover

This slim volume has been extremely useful whilst writing the biography of Captain Thomas Bowrey and I have referred to it many times. Intended for Family Historians, Joan E Grundy’s A Dictionary of Medical & Related Terms has wider uses.

Thomas Bowrey, Mary his wife and Elizabeth Gardiner his sister-in-law all suffered from long-term ill-health. I have looked up symptoms and other information in respect of all three of them. The book has been more useful than that. Bowrey purchased treatments from medical practitioners and understand what these were used for at the time helped diagnose their aliments. From this information, it can be deduced that the couple were concerned about their infertility.

Bowrey’s father-in-law was an apothecary who supplied drugs for some of Bowrey’s voyages. Drugs from the East Indies were also often purchased as part of the return cargo. For these, it is useful to have some understanding of medical knowledge in the past.

The usefulness of this book is greater than it small size may indicate.


Medical Publisher


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