Major Milestone: Thomas Bowrey’s Biography is Complete

I apologise for neglecting this blog recently but I have been working toward completing Captain Thomas Bowrey’s biography. This final rewrite was, for the first time, looking at the book as a coherent whole. This I have just finished. It is done. If I work on it any longer, I am likely to start going backwards.

I am not certain that, when I started writing at the beginning of 2016, I would reach this stage in less than two years but I have. Looking back at my plan I posted here at the start, I expected to write between 75,000 and 100,000 word. The main body of the has just over 74,000 words – pretty close to my target. Very little else has remained the same. Part way through, I chose to restructure the book – something that I believe has really worked. I am content with the result.

To encourage anyone also hoping to write for the first time, on occasions I hit roadblocks when I found it difficult to get back into writing. For me, what worked, was to resist fighting the inertia. Rather, I did something different – continue working on my catalogue of Thomas Bowrey’s papers, catch up on household tasks, anything different. I soon found myself itching to get back to the writing. Perhaps the trick is selecting something less desirable to do? It seemed to work but it also means that I know that I have the backlog of undesirable tasks waiting for me now.

Yes, I do have to catch up on postponed household jobs but there is still much work left to do connected with the biography. I need to find a publisher, make sure the manuscript is ready for publication and complete the catalogue. I hope it will become of great use to other researchers once it is complete.

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