Seventeenth Century East Indies Research

I apologies for not posting as frequently recently. There is a lot going on in my personal life and it has been difficult to find the time but I have attended two conferences in four weeks as well as fitting in some more research at the British Library.

One of the conferences was last weekend’s for the Families in British India 20th anniversary. I found myself having to explain that I had no ancestors in India but was writing Captain Thomas Bowrey’s biography. I met no one who had interests back to the seventeenth century but it was clear from questions asked during the conference that finding information about their ancestors in India at all dates was a real difficulty no matter if they were a lowly railway worker, army officer or high court judge. Many believed that their East Indies roots went even further back, perhaps into the seventeenth century, but had no way of discovering any details.

The event confirmed my belief that Bowrey’s papers contain genealogical information that is simply inaccessible because the contents are invisible in the existing repository catalogues. It is an added imperative for me to complete my detailed manuscript catalogue and make it available as widely as possible. It is a tedious job with the ever present risk that I will find new information that I have not included in my biography so any encouragement (such as this weekend’s conference) is helpful.

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