Thomas Bowrey – The Family History

Although I came to Thomas Bowrey through my family history interests he is not an ancestor and nor is my biography of him a family history.  Additionally, what I did not understand when I started writing my book is how much of his story I would need to leave out. My proposed talks are an opportunity to air some of the stories I could not include.

The talk I am featuring today is story of how I discovered the truth of Bowrey’s origins. While editing some of the papers of Thomas Bowrey, Richard Carnac Temple uncovered some of his family tree, speculated about some potential relatives and made false assumptions about his birth. This erroneous information was perpetuated and even included in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.

During my research, I solved this mystery and was able to reconstruct his genealogy. I am not going to reveal this here – you will need to buy my book once it is published! Alternatively, you could attend one of my talks which uses this case study to demonstrate how to use additional sources to confirm genealogical data.

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