Networking for Thomas Bowrey

Since I finished writing the biography of Captain Thomas Bowrey and started to search for a publisher, I have been keen to improve the visibility of him and his papers. Not only is his life story incredible if it was fiction, you would think I had gone too far – but I believe many more people need to know about the archive he left behind.

I had repeated mentioned Bowrey’s papers and how I am creating a more detailed catalogue, so I will say no more about that here. Alongside this, I have been networking – it feels almost constantly. I started with the Secret Lives conference at Hinckley at the end of August and the Families in British India Conference a month later. In October, it was the Whitechapel History Fest and, earlier this month, the Samuel Pepys Club annual dinner. Each of these events has  been very different but all greatly enjoyable.

Still to come this month is tomorrow’s Local History Conference of the London & Middlesex Archaeological Society at the Museum of London. With the theme of An Emporium for Many Nations – London Shaped by Trade, I am really looking forward to this event where I shall be mixing with other like minded people. Finally, at the end of the month, I shall be meeting for lunch with a small group that is the East India Company Club.

It has been great fun – so much more fun that work-related networking – and I have made some really great contacts but I shall be pleased when December arrives and I can take a rest in the lead up to Christmas. What about the New Year? Well, I already have some dates for talks in my diary so it looks like December will be spent polishing up my talks!

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