Mount Sion Tunbridge Wells

Thomas Bowrey and his wife, Mary, visited the spas at Bath and Tunbridge Wells on a number of occasions. In 1705 we know from correspondence that they stayed at the lodging house run by Mrs Brook in Mount Sion. Jerningham House which dates back to 1672 is the earliest known lodging house. It is not known if this was the house run by Mrs Brook but Thomas would certainly have known the house. Mount Sion is not very long.

Much of the tranquil charm of Mount Sion still survives and other buildings Thomas and Mary may have know n have also survived.

It is jut a shame that when we broke our journey to the south coast of Kent so that I could take these photographs the weather was so typically British. I set off from the hotel in sunshine having driven through torrential rain for three house for the rain to restart just as I found these period houses.

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