Waltham Forest Family History Society

Yesterday I wrote about AGRA’s Bloomin’ Ancestors Conference. Before that, I have another talk at Waltham Forest Family History Society next Tuesday 10 September. They are a small society and I am sure that they would welcome any newcomers and visitors. I am giving my one talk not based on directly Thomas. Searching For … , Breaking Down Those Brick Wall but rather how I acquired the skills that enabled be to uncover his life story.

This is based on four case studies from my family History research, particularly difficult searches. The first is hunt for my paternal grandfather who never married my grandmother and about whom I knew nothing. Our Henry is my next case study. Others had been searching for his origins for thirty years when I finally tracked him down. My third case study describes how I eventually found the birth of one of my great grandmothers hidden because of her mother’s intimidation by authority. I finish with the case of John Smith of Victorian Battersea.

Each of these not only taught me valuable lessons in family history research but resulted in uncovering fascinating tales although nothing quite matching the extraordinary story of Captain Thomas Bowrey.

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