FIBIS: Captain Thomas Bowrey – The Biography

My third talk schedule over the next few weeks will be at the October Open Meeting of the Families in British India Society. I shall be speaking of Captain Thomas Bowrey – The Biography on Saturday 12 October 2019 at the Union Jack Club near Waterloo Station. The formal program starts at 1:30pm.

My fellow speaker will be Mark Davies who will present: One Word, Two Indian Journeys, Four Anglo-Indian Families and a 1,000 Year Genealogy. Stemming from an unexpected find in the Calcutta Census of 1881 that his grandfather had been born in that city, Mark embarked upon two trips to India to search for more information. The first trip was thwarted by weather and insurgency, but in 2018, Mark succeeded in visiting Lesliegan in Jharkhand, named for his progenitor, Matthew Leslie (c.1755-1904), a senior East India Company official who lived all his adult life in India. But there was much more to learn, and Mark’s investigation was to take him in a full circle, to unexpected family connections back in his home town of Oxford. Mark had discovered a treasure trove of ancestry.

My talk which will precede Mark’s will present the most comprehensive biography of Thomas published to date alongside outlining how I uncovered his origins.

The meeting is open to everyone, not only members of FIBIS, and I would love to see you there but for security reasons it is necessary to register on the Society’s website in advance at:

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